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Plenty of folks got burned by the Facebook IPO, but it was a real public teaching moment. Hopefully by now the whole blogosphere understands the REAL motivations and machinations behind an Initial Public Offering.

No, it’s not to give folks like you and me a chance to make it big.  The Big Dogs want to TAKE your money, not give you theirs.  Got it? YOU, the retail investor, are the “Dumb Money,” or the Greater Fool.  Even more important than “Buy Low and Sell high” is “Privatize Gains and Socialize Losses.”

It’s Facebook IPO day! After months of SEC reviews and roadshows and profiteering, FB will finally take its place in the Nasdaq menagerie when markets opens at 9:30 EST. Time to start digging up your backyard bullion stash, right? Wrong. For the average guy the Facebook IPO is strictly Like, don’t touch.

– Gizmodo

Don’t believe me? Are you thinking too late now?  No matter: There will many IPOs for you to avoid like the plague in the future.

Reason things through for a moment: If  you and your private company’s shareholders thought your company’s value was about to dramatically increase, don’t you think you’d keep it to yourselves? Duh! Private companies go public for many reasons, none of which are to help you make money.  Among the major motivations are the following:

1)  They are cash poor and need your money to stay in business;

2) They want to take a big risk to grow the company but can’t, or don’t want to, risk their own capital;

3) They’ve squeezed whatever they could out of the company and are ready to cash out;

4) They’re about to get hit with a lawsuit and want the public to pay for the company’s defense

I think Facebook falls under #3:  The founders and private investors want to SELL HIGH and get out, and leave the rest of us holding the bag.

That’s not to say Facebook stock is a bad idea; it’s just a bad idea to buy on the first day of the IPO.  The media hype prior to a big IPO is specifically meant to push the share price above what it would ordinarily fetch.

So by all means jump on the bandwagon if you have money to burn, but not until the initial euphoria has passed. The institutional investors – the ones who get first dibs – buy 90% of the shares before you even had a chance to buy one share.  They get in early, with the full intention of selling a few hours later.  Once they  have dumped their short-term holdings, and the price has dropped, then buy and hold.

Facebook isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, Facebook could very well be the new Apple. It’s a major player in the New Matrix, and the Powers That Be have a huge investment in keeping it near the top of your list of website visits.  All the better to track you with, my dear.


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My mother-in-law’s family were poor peasants, and they would tell the story of being so poor that instead of having meats at the center of the round of polenta, they had a single small anchovy hanging over the center, casting its shadow. They said that the shadow of the anchovy was all they had to bring a little richness to the polenta.

via Automatic Earth, a click to Shadow of an Anchovy, a story about what it felt like growing up in Italy countryside back in the 1970’s when Italians were poor.  It’s one of those makes you think stories, one that made me hungry for polenta and restless for that trip to Tuscany I always wanted to take but never did.  More than anything, however, it made me wonder:  If I were to be that poor (again) someday, would I be able to adopt an Italian attitude toward it? 

While searching for a photo to include with the story I found a review a curated exhibit inside the biggest 15th century palazzo in Florence that I’m sorry I’m going to miss:

Money and Beauty: Bankers, Botticelli and the Bonfire of the Vanities (Palazzo Strozzi, until Jan 22 2012): This exhibit introduces the Florin, the unit of exchange that kicked off the Italian Renaissance.  The show addresses the monetary unit, usury, exchange, merchant activity, sumptuary laws, bankers and artists, beauty, and crisis.   It features the conspicuous consumption of the time, including Botticelli’s personal and religions crisis, both of which may be compared with what the West is experiencing today.

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Trick or Treat! Looks like we have another Madoff on our hands.  Via Zero Hedge:

Regulators Investigating MF Global for Missing Money

9:55 p.m. | Updated
Federal regulators have discovered that hundreds of millions of dollars in customer money has gone missing from MF Global in recent days, prompting an investigation into the brokerage firm, which is run by Jon S. Corzine, the former New Jersey governor, several people briefed on the matter said on Monday.

The recognition that money was missing scuttled at the 11th hour an agreement to sell a major part of MF Global to a rival brokerage firm. MF Global had staked its survival on completing the deal. Instead, the New York-based firm filed for bankruptcy on Monday.

Regulators are examining whether MF Global diverted some customer funds to support its own trades as the firm teetered on the brink of collapse. (more)

According to this particular “Tyler Durden,” here’s how the MF Global scandal is different from the Bernie Madoff scandal: 

Thousands of MF clients are about to realize that money they thought they had, even if completely unencumbered with other assets, read pure cash, read money not at risk, is now gone forever, and they will have to wait years until the bankruptcy process determines if the claim deserves priority status to the unsecured bondholders. 

Shorter Tyler: At least the Madoff investors knew they were taking risks!  The Federal Reserve has taken MF Global off its list of primary dealers.  MF employees were not allowed on the commodities trading floors today. This particular scandal may cause a bank run, for real this time, because investors are slowly beginning to realize they can’t trust anyone on Wall Street.  And it’s about damn time people finally figured this out.

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our gardeners don’t look like Chance

It was just a matter of time:  Eight burglaries in our small-ish town within a matter of weeks.  I’m not talking smash-and-grabs: These were semi-professional jobs in which neighborhoods were cased and vulnerable homes identified.  Unlucky families came home after work to find everything of value stolen for resale on the black market, even their musical instruments.

As a result of this news we now set the security alarm system every time we leave the house.  I’ve been slow to get in the habit, because I grew up in a neighborhood where the doors were always unlocked.  Now I even lock the doors when I’m home.

We knew this was coming. After all we’ve been prepping for TEOTWAWKI  and both of us knew it would be accompanied by a heap of social disruption, including crime.   We’re smack in the middle of a long-expected recession/depression.  Unemployment in New Jersey is 9.2%, slightly higher than the national average, and that’s not counting discouraged workers or those whose unemployment benefits have run out.  If we were counting them, the unemployment rate would be 17%. Suffice it to say affluent, wooded exurban neighborhoods all over the country are sitting ducks.

Fortunately – though I don’t want these to be  the proverbial famous last words – I don’t think our home is very attractive to burglars.  The main reason is that our comings and goings are unpredictable.  Spooky frequently stops by the house in the middle of the day, and gardeners randomly come and go. These days I take random and regular days off and make sure my presence may be noted by anyone parked on the street, just in case.  I’ve banked plenty of vacation time and plan to use it.

Besides, anyone trying to break in would get an immediate rude awakening:  Not just the noise from the alarm but the fact that the cops would be there within 3 minutes.  Granted, as with any house plenty could be grabbed during two of those minutes, but in our case nothing worth going to prison for, we’ve made sure of that. Now that I’ve put the security system stickers on our windows the burglars will likely decide not to even bother.

Most burglars are smart enough NOT to attempt an armed robbery while their victims are at home. If it ever comes to that however, well, don’t get me started.  This house is armed to the teeth with kinetic weapons, and one of them is human.  Suffice it to say that anyone breaking and entering while we are home will be making a BIG mistake.  These are just a few of the things that help me sleep peacfully.

Crimedoctor.com:  How to make your home unappealing to burglars

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Letter from Goldman Sachs

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)– The following is a letter released today by Lloyd Blankfein, the chairman of banking giant Goldman Sachs:

Dear Investor:

Up until now, Goldman Sachs has been silent on the subject of the protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street. That does not mean, however, that it has not been very much on our minds. As thousands have gathered in Lower Manhattan, passionately expressing their deep discontent with the status quo, we have taken note of these protests. And we have asked ourselves this question:

How can we make money off them?

The answer is the newly launched Goldman Sachs Global Rage Fund, whose investment objective is to monetize the Occupy Wall Street protests as they spread around the world. At Goldman, we recognize that the capitalist system as we know it is circling the drain – but there’s plenty of money to be made on the way down.

The Rage Fund will seek out opportunities to invest in products that are poised to benefit from the spreading protests, from police batons and barricades to stun guns and forehead bandages. Furthermore, as clashes between police and protesters turn ever more violent, we are making significant broker bets on companies that manufacture replacements for broken windows and overturned cars, as well as the raw materials necessary for the construction and incineration of effigies.

It would be tempting, at a time like this, to say “Let them eat cake.” But at Goldman, we are actively seeking to corner the market in cake futures. We project that through our aggressive market manipulation, the price of a piece of cake will quadruple by the end of 2011.

Please contact your Goldman representative for a full prospectus. As the world descends into a Darwinian free-for-all, the Goldman Sachs Rage Fund is a great way to tell the protesters, “Occupy this.” We haven’t felt so good about something we’ve sold since our souls.


Lloyd Blankfein

Chairman, Goldman

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Belgian styled negotiations?

Are you watching Belgium implode?  Me neither!  However, the latest development in the Late Great Banking System Collapse is what those watching the ALTA (web bot) project call a “Temporal Marker.” A temporal marker is a signpost on a time journey. Sometimes the signs are complicated and difficult to decipher, so much that even the most clever analysts will get things backwards.

Dexia, a major French-Belgian financial institution, is collapsing  and about to be nationalized.  If you’re an American you might yawn and say “so what,” but if you do it’s likely because you didn’t know that Dexia was very high on the list of banks that were TARPED – AKA bailed out – by the US Taxpayer a few years ago.  The biggest TARP loan recipients were European banks, not American.  Your tax dollars at work! Dexia was also targeted by the Bernie Madoff ponzi, took major hits when Iceland imploded, and is over-exposed to the Greek debt mess.  Speaking of which, did you know Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou is an American? Oh, what a tangled web. 

While eyes are on Dexia two other European banks have succumbed to nationalization: Danish Max Bank and Greek Proton Bank.  Both are insolvent, and one of them is under investigation for money laundering and fraud. 

 Meanwhile on the U.S. side of the pond banks both large and small are being nationalized without fanfare.   It’s all a part of the process:  Soon most, if not all, major banks will be nationalized and backstopped by citizen taxpayers.  Privatize gains and socialize losses:  This is what the Powers That Be have ALWAYS DONE, since Babylonian times at least. I suspect it won’t be long until the Grand Re-Boot, at which point the “great cycle,” another global skimming operation or “Enterprise,” will begin anew.

Still . . . Something funny happened on the way to Globalization.  It seems as though every Power Center in the world now understands the major phases of a IMF-styled Fractional Reserve Banking Takedown. They’re all taking advantage of this knowledge and screwing each other over. In other words Karma is a BITCH, and we get to watch.

(PSST: When visiting the folks in Minnesota my stepfather, a former Federal Reserve Bank VP, mused, “The system used to work.  But now that everyone knows how it works, it doesn’t work anymore.”)

Belgium was to be the seat of Europe’s answer to the so-called New World Order (European Union), but as you can clearly see the Grand Plan is not working out too well.  Belgium doesn’t even have a government:  It collapsed a few years ago and hasn’t been able to get itself together since.  The two major fronts for the EU project, Sarkozy and Merkel, aka Punch and Judy, are putting on a grand show, playacting a “rescue” that will never succeed.  “We have a secret plan, right here in our back pockets,” they sing. 


So what does this have to do with the rest of the world?

EVERYTHING.   Don’t look at countries when trying to make sense of things because you’ll only confuse yourself.  These are supra-national entities warring with one another and here’s the upshot: What Global Banking Faction A had PLANNED (for well over a century) to do to Global Banking Faction B has been turned on its head:  Faction A is now getting its own master plan shoved down its collective(ist) throat. 

The stage show has finally made its way to the United States with the “Occupy Wall Street” so-called movement.  Don’t worry:  Most of the demonstrations are coordinated and encouraged by Western intelligence operatives. The wise have already observed how the time worn Soros-backed “color revolution” phenomena is TRYING to take root in the US.  If we’re lucky the pre-determined outcome will be accomplished without too much bloodshed. It’s all just stage drama and I don’t want to be caught up in any of it, but I am taking note of where we are in the process. 

Right now it’s pretty obvious that we are in the “Fake Revolution” phase of a shakedown/takedown.  “Revolution” is an optional late stage in the Takedown process, initiated when targeted Powers resist turning over their assets at fire sale prices to other Powers calling in debts.   The bottom line is that these “spontaneous uprisings” are anything but.

What makes THIS time interesting is the late-game emergence of an underground breakaway-society with an agenda.  The Undergrounders hold all sorts of new technology which may very well change the outcome of this latest greatest bankster shakedown.  Either that OR – and here’s the part that makes one want to throw up one’s hands and give up – The Undergrounders are working for the banksters and are emerging now to enforce the pre-determined outcome.

A slightly garbled explanation may be found at Half Past Human:

The data suggests that as the derivative implosion initiated by the psychopaths erupts from compression to smouldering to flames over October, the ‘giants’ will be faced by a new competitor as Civilization One will make its move. Their goal is much as the banksters in that they want as much of the ‘hard asset’ currencies, or other leverage, as may be obtained. In much the same fashion that the Vikings preyed upon the those of more southern Europe, spurred to action by radical climate change, those humans involved in Civilization 1/One (the underground pan global alliance of military industrial complexes centered around reverse engineered space alien technology), are forced by circumstances to prey on terrestrial humanity. Note that the banksters, even those aware that they are serving Civilization 1/one, will be very very surprised by the upcoming series of events involved in this Grunch as they, also, will be victims.

Did you get through that? Did it make ANY sense whatsoever?  Not if you’re new to the party! Grunch? Civilization One? Reversed-Engineered space alien technology? What? The? Fuck? Is? That?  

I’ll give you a little hint:  It’s time for some way-overdue technology insertions.  Read some Buckminster Fuller because he knew the score. Grunch stands for GRoss Universal Cash Heist, one that could cause a mass die-off as the world’s fractional reserve currencies go tits-up. This is the End Game, folks, but will it end as planned?  HMMM whose plan?

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Joe Brumms animation showing the impact of globalisation.

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