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Folks, this is why I don’t go swimming in the ocean, even though it’s just a few minutes away!  This one was a catch-and-release in Ocean City.

Here’s a photo from our visit to Bradley Beach two days ago:  I love Summers’ End at the Jersey Shore because it feels as though we have the place to ourselves.


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(These  folks might also want to consider cutting down a few trees)

Got mosquitoes? There’s an app for that!  My Droid app SEEMS to work:  It’s called Favorite Frequencies, though there are many more out there just like it. It makes a very high pitched screamy noise we can’t hear, but that bugs seem to hate.  We can sit on the porch dring our ice tea, listening to music, reading, etc., without getting chewed up. And it’s free!

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My Peeps!

Baby robins in my rhododendron!

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Newt (noun)–a small, slimy, cold-blooded reptile with a primitive brain.

Newt Gingrich is not a lobbyist, or a womanizer, he insists!  No: He gives “strategic advice, from the private sector.”  He’s a consultant, especially to women’s ladyparts, and besides, he only actually married a few of them, and only dumped those when they got sick after he found someone newer/younger/dumber to put up with him.  

Those things “happened to him.”  They happened because he loved his country so much. Very unfortunate.  But God forgave him, the GOP will forgive him too!  And now that he’s getting older, slower and even uglier, even less likely to score now that he can’t pay off his account balance at Tiffany, Newt Gingrich has pledged to give up chasing tail, which is a bit like saying he’ll give up liver for Lent. While he’s at it though, he’ll also deny women abortion, oppose gay marriage, and decry Sharia law despite the fact he probably doesn’t even know what it is.*  Fixed!  He can run for president now! 

(Psst: Mr. Gingrich didn’t actually sign that pledge. Three other GOP presidential hopefuls have signed it, however.)

An advertisement for an online dating service called Ashleymadison.com which describes itself as the “the world’s premier extra-marital dating site”

Right wing talk show host Michael Savage has offered Newt Gingrich $1,000,000 to drop out of the race, but I don’t think Newt will accept it.  Men of Newt’s calibre are very weird about power. And what about those 85 ethics violations that got Newt run out of Congress, are the party faithful going to forgive him for those, too?  Actually, the Powers behind the GOP are hoping senility has set in with those who’d otherwise remember how much of a sleaze Newt was while he was Speaker of the House.

Newt’s battery operated blowup doll seems to approve of recent developments. Either that, or she “found some pills, and she eated them.”  Huh, you’d think by now they would be able to get the eyes right on those political wife androids.   Anyway, I wish those two a lifetime of happiness, just not in the White House. Egad. 

I didn’t watch the Dimwit Derby the other night.  I just couldn’t, because the GOP Clown Show is all the proof you need of how desperately the elites want us to re-elect Obama in 2012.  No matter which Republican candidate takes the nomination, he will be a non-choice, and on that I’ll place my last $10,000.

* There is no one “sharia law.”  Sharia is Arab for “The Path” and consists of principles and precepts whose interpretations can vary from country to country, even from village to village. A few rural backwaters in some Arab countries have brutal interpretations of what “justice” and “propriety” mean.

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Watch momma comfort her baby having a bad dream, aww

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We stayed up the road from Canyon Ranch.  Someday, perhaps, we’ll actually stay here, hahah. (Luxury Experience)

What a wonderful time to be born!  And what a wonderful time to be a new mom, so long as it’s not me.  Would you believe my sister named my new niece after one of my cats?  ‘Cause it’s true:  She named her after my psycho bat-cat, this one here.  Bunny and I went on a road trip to see baby, mom and grandma last weekend and with the exception of a little rain it was lovely.

Baby with her new toys.  If you think they’re weird  . . .

My older niece collects Ugli dolls

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Hmmmm . . . Is this one worth submitting?  It’s one of Italy’s financial ministers in one of several ongoing emergency meetings about the Euro.

I know I told you I don’t care about the markets . . . But if it’s funny I’m covering it!

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