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Yet another excuse to avoid the gym! Who knew yoga was demonic?  Pastor Driscoll is at it again, warning the Flock away from the exercise trend of the decade:

“A faithful Christian can no more say they are practicing yoga for Jesus than they can say they are committing adultery for Jesus.”

It looks as though this controversial pastor has been warning his faithful against yoga for a long time:

 Yoga is demonic,” Driscoll said. “If you just sign up for a little yoga class, you’re signing up for a little demon class.”

Of course, this is the same pastor who said the movie Avatar was Satanic.

Many fundamentalist Christians have specific reasons for being suspicious of yoga.  Others simply don’t know much about it, but once introduced they relax. Sometimes literally, in class.  Unfortunately many fundamentalist preachers try to warn off their flock, convinced that yoga is the path to the Devil. Most of their reasons don’t make sense to a rational mind, and some aren’t even consistent with Biblical teachings.   I suppose cognitive dissonance is a small price to pay for keeping the Churchianity Control System in place.  I’ve done some wondering and reading, and I’ve concluded the conflict may be summed:

We’ve Always Been At War With Eastasia

1) Many Fundamentalists believe yoga cannot be separated from Eastern religious thought, which is supposedly antithetical to Christian beliefs.  Nevermind that it’s not.   This argument is also demonstrably false: People separate the Hindu belief system from their yoga exercises every day. People do yoga without ohming or chanting, and most folks know less than zero about Hindu gods. They associate Buddhism with calm states of being but don’t get too deeply into it.

Even if practitioners don’t separate the exercise and religious parts, eastern and western religious tenets really aren’t that different .   There are only a few differences, but apparently to fundamentalists they are dealbreakers.

1 Corinthians 3:16  Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?

2) God Forbid:  Clearing the mind supposedly leaves space for “satan” to enter.  That it might create space for God to enter apparently hasn’t occurred to them.  I believe this comes from the dualistic thought processes of many westerners, i.e., clearing the mind creates “empty space,” a void that must be filled by something.  Somebody needs to reassure fundamentalists that “emptying the mind” is just a figure of speech, because in the holographic/fractal/timeless universe of God there is noplace else to go. God is All.

3)  Acknowledgement of the Energy Body or the Subtle Body – i.e., the idea that what makes you You is  more than just your physical form – is apparently a threat to Church doctrine. Soul/spirit is supposed to be a big part of the Christian faith, but getting in touch with that part of your Self that isn’t confined to your body, the part that is supposedly connected to the Divine, is WAY out of bounds.  If you get in touch with your energy body you might discover insights about God, Truth and the Meaning of Life that inconvenience the Churchianity System. They don’t want you to find these things out for yourself; no, they want you to rely on the Church to tell you what’s what.

Luke 17:21 “For behold the kingdom of God is within you.”

4)  The idea that you can find God on your own by way of meditation and “seeking within,” instead of going to Church to be told what to believe, is also a threat to Churchianity. Nevermind the “seeking within” approach is probably more Biblical.

5) Tight yoga pants cause impure thoughts among the weak minded.  Actually, of all the explanations this is the only one that makes any sense (link to hilarious video).

The bottom line is, IMHO, that people worry too much.  People of Faith might be tempted by hot bodies doing the downward dog, but they aren’t so insecure that they can’t handle the presence of other spiritual ideas while stretching their hamstrings. 

Someday Eastern and Western knowledge will merge and the “war” between Atlantis and East Asia will finally end. Science will eventually prove the existence of the subtle/energy body and eastern-style healing modalities will become  everyday parts of Western life. Christian denial of the subtle body in the end will be proven an error, and Christians of all stripes will just get over it. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Asians will acknowledge, and eventually become comfortable with, the idea of a personal Savior/God and forgiveness by Grace. My prediction: In a generation or two everyone will look back and wonder what the fuss was all about.


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Grumpy Old Men indeed:

ATLANTA—Frederick Thomas, 73, of Cleveland, Ga.; Dan Roberts, 67, of Toccoa, Ga.; Ray H. Adams, 65, of Toccoa; and Samuel J. Crump, 68, of Toccoa, were arrested today relating to plans to obtain an unregistered explosive device and silencer and to manufacture the biological toxin ricin for use in attacks against other U.S. citizens and government personnel and officials.

If you read the news, please notice how nowhere is the race, nationality or religion of this terror cell mentioned.  This is because because when white christians commit terrorist acts they are “lone wolves” or “lone nuts,” unlike those scaree mooslims, who are all radical terrists because, uh, sharia!   Totally logical!  So you see these guys were all just lone wolves. Four lone nuts each a “lone wolf” attacker, who like true lone wolves were actually part of a wolf pack, see?  Just have another gulp of that bourbon, because it only makes sense if you’re drunk.  

The FBI complaint alleges that in October 2011, the fellow Crump sourced the raw materials to make ricin and said he and his buds were going to make 10 pounds of it and disperse it in various cities. He discussed having a “bucket list” of government officials, business leaders and members of the media who needed to be “taken out” . . .  because that would solve . . . uh . . . what problem exactly?  I didn’t get that part.  Maybe I need another drink.

Oh wait yes I did read it somewhere: “To save the Constitution.”  It reminds me of another South Park episode, with the underpants gnomes saying first we steal the underpants . . .

1. Steal underpants
2. ?
3. Profit!

Since the destroyers of the Constitution aren’t even within these lone nuts’ gun sights I don’t get how executing this grand master plan would save the Constitution. Maybe they can explain this during their confessions; i.e., how a bunch of globalist economic hit men, none of whom would work for the government on a dare, would be devastated by these geezers gone rogue and decide oh, nevermind, here’s your Constitution, we had it here in our pockets the whole time. Huh? 

Then pour yourself another because it gets even better:  All four suspects reportedly retired from government agencies or contractors.  These Geriatric jihadis all used to work for the government and are all now pissed off at all those government employees!  You see it’s all those OTHER government employees, destroying the Constitution. Apparently they suffer no cognitive dissonance from this.  They don’t realize that, following their own logic they are part of their own problem and could’ve saved everyone the trouble by sniffing some ricin.

Now it’s time to add a handful of crazypills to your bourbon chaser:  The man who inspired this terrorist cell is an occasional guest on Fox News and the author of the book Absolved, about people who, well I guess, make ricin and kill government employees or something?  Really?  Oh, and this takes the cake:  This author/Fox news “expert,” this anti-government agitator, Tea Party leader and now inspiration apparently, lives on government disability checks.

Wait a minute . . . Is this a parody?  Or, perhaps, completely staged? Was this a sting operation, with Crump the paid instigator?  I’d type something like you just can’t make this shit up, but really, it’s so crazy it sounds made up.  Imagine a bunch of COINTELPRO agent getting drunk and then one of them saying  “Hey listen to this . . .we could . . .”

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our gardeners don’t look like Chance

It was just a matter of time:  Eight burglaries in our small-ish town within a matter of weeks.  I’m not talking smash-and-grabs: These were semi-professional jobs in which neighborhoods were cased and vulnerable homes identified.  Unlucky families came home after work to find everything of value stolen for resale on the black market, even their musical instruments.

As a result of this news we now set the security alarm system every time we leave the house.  I’ve been slow to get in the habit, because I grew up in a neighborhood where the doors were always unlocked.  Now I even lock the doors when I’m home.

We knew this was coming. After all we’ve been prepping for TEOTWAWKI  and both of us knew it would be accompanied by a heap of social disruption, including crime.   We’re smack in the middle of a long-expected recession/depression.  Unemployment in New Jersey is 9.2%, slightly higher than the national average, and that’s not counting discouraged workers or those whose unemployment benefits have run out.  If we were counting them, the unemployment rate would be 17%. Suffice it to say affluent, wooded exurban neighborhoods all over the country are sitting ducks.

Fortunately – though I don’t want these to be  the proverbial famous last words – I don’t think our home is very attractive to burglars.  The main reason is that our comings and goings are unpredictable.  Spooky frequently stops by the house in the middle of the day, and gardeners randomly come and go. These days I take random and regular days off and make sure my presence may be noted by anyone parked on the street, just in case.  I’ve banked plenty of vacation time and plan to use it.

Besides, anyone trying to break in would get an immediate rude awakening:  Not just the noise from the alarm but the fact that the cops would be there within 3 minutes.  Granted, as with any house plenty could be grabbed during two of those minutes, but in our case nothing worth going to prison for, we’ve made sure of that. Now that I’ve put the security system stickers on our windows the burglars will likely decide not to even bother.

Most burglars are smart enough NOT to attempt an armed robbery while their victims are at home. If it ever comes to that however, well, don’t get me started.  This house is armed to the teeth with kinetic weapons, and one of them is human.  Suffice it to say that anyone breaking and entering while we are home will be making a BIG mistake.  These are just a few of the things that help me sleep peacfully.

Crimedoctor.com:  How to make your home unappealing to burglars

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Belgian styled negotiations?

Are you watching Belgium implode?  Me neither!  However, the latest development in the Late Great Banking System Collapse is what those watching the ALTA (web bot) project call a “Temporal Marker.” A temporal marker is a signpost on a time journey. Sometimes the signs are complicated and difficult to decipher, so much that even the most clever analysts will get things backwards.

Dexia, a major French-Belgian financial institution, is collapsing  and about to be nationalized.  If you’re an American you might yawn and say “so what,” but if you do it’s likely because you didn’t know that Dexia was very high on the list of banks that were TARPED – AKA bailed out – by the US Taxpayer a few years ago.  The biggest TARP loan recipients were European banks, not American.  Your tax dollars at work! Dexia was also targeted by the Bernie Madoff ponzi, took major hits when Iceland imploded, and is over-exposed to the Greek debt mess.  Speaking of which, did you know Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou is an American? Oh, what a tangled web. 

While eyes are on Dexia two other European banks have succumbed to nationalization: Danish Max Bank and Greek Proton Bank.  Both are insolvent, and one of them is under investigation for money laundering and fraud. 

 Meanwhile on the U.S. side of the pond banks both large and small are being nationalized without fanfare.   It’s all a part of the process:  Soon most, if not all, major banks will be nationalized and backstopped by citizen taxpayers.  Privatize gains and socialize losses:  This is what the Powers That Be have ALWAYS DONE, since Babylonian times at least. I suspect it won’t be long until the Grand Re-Boot, at which point the “great cycle,” another global skimming operation or “Enterprise,” will begin anew.

Still . . . Something funny happened on the way to Globalization.  It seems as though every Power Center in the world now understands the major phases of a IMF-styled Fractional Reserve Banking Takedown. They’re all taking advantage of this knowledge and screwing each other over. In other words Karma is a BITCH, and we get to watch.

(PSST: When visiting the folks in Minnesota my stepfather, a former Federal Reserve Bank VP, mused, “The system used to work.  But now that everyone knows how it works, it doesn’t work anymore.”)

Belgium was to be the seat of Europe’s answer to the so-called New World Order (European Union), but as you can clearly see the Grand Plan is not working out too well.  Belgium doesn’t even have a government:  It collapsed a few years ago and hasn’t been able to get itself together since.  The two major fronts for the EU project, Sarkozy and Merkel, aka Punch and Judy, are putting on a grand show, playacting a “rescue” that will never succeed.  “We have a secret plan, right here in our back pockets,” they sing. 


So what does this have to do with the rest of the world?

EVERYTHING.   Don’t look at countries when trying to make sense of things because you’ll only confuse yourself.  These are supra-national entities warring with one another and here’s the upshot: What Global Banking Faction A had PLANNED (for well over a century) to do to Global Banking Faction B has been turned on its head:  Faction A is now getting its own master plan shoved down its collective(ist) throat. 

The stage show has finally made its way to the United States with the “Occupy Wall Street” so-called movement.  Don’t worry:  Most of the demonstrations are coordinated and encouraged by Western intelligence operatives. The wise have already observed how the time worn Soros-backed “color revolution” phenomena is TRYING to take root in the US.  If we’re lucky the pre-determined outcome will be accomplished without too much bloodshed. It’s all just stage drama and I don’t want to be caught up in any of it, but I am taking note of where we are in the process. 

Right now it’s pretty obvious that we are in the “Fake Revolution” phase of a shakedown/takedown.  “Revolution” is an optional late stage in the Takedown process, initiated when targeted Powers resist turning over their assets at fire sale prices to other Powers calling in debts.   The bottom line is that these “spontaneous uprisings” are anything but.

What makes THIS time interesting is the late-game emergence of an underground breakaway-society with an agenda.  The Undergrounders hold all sorts of new technology which may very well change the outcome of this latest greatest bankster shakedown.  Either that OR – and here’s the part that makes one want to throw up one’s hands and give up – The Undergrounders are working for the banksters and are emerging now to enforce the pre-determined outcome.

A slightly garbled explanation may be found at Half Past Human:

The data suggests that as the derivative implosion initiated by the psychopaths erupts from compression to smouldering to flames over October, the ‘giants’ will be faced by a new competitor as Civilization One will make its move. Their goal is much as the banksters in that they want as much of the ‘hard asset’ currencies, or other leverage, as may be obtained. In much the same fashion that the Vikings preyed upon the those of more southern Europe, spurred to action by radical climate change, those humans involved in Civilization 1/One (the underground pan global alliance of military industrial complexes centered around reverse engineered space alien technology), are forced by circumstances to prey on terrestrial humanity. Note that the banksters, even those aware that they are serving Civilization 1/one, will be very very surprised by the upcoming series of events involved in this Grunch as they, also, will be victims.

Did you get through that? Did it make ANY sense whatsoever?  Not if you’re new to the party! Grunch? Civilization One? Reversed-Engineered space alien technology? What? The? Fuck? Is? That?  

I’ll give you a little hint:  It’s time for some way-overdue technology insertions.  Read some Buckminster Fuller because he knew the score. Grunch stands for GRoss Universal Cash Heist, one that could cause a mass die-off as the world’s fractional reserve currencies go tits-up. This is the End Game, folks, but will it end as planned?  HMMM whose plan?

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Hurricane Irene

I experienced my first earthquake a few days ago (surreal), and now we’re gonna get a hurricane, maybe. I can’t tell you how many times New Jersey has geared up for a hurricane, only to watch it go out to sea or turn into an ordinary rain.  It’s possible that by the time Hurricane Irene gets to us it will be “just” a tropical storm.  Still, wind and flood damage to the Jersey Shore looks near-guaranteed. 

After four years of prepping I finally have an reason to pull out the solar generator I built, knowing there would come a day when the lights went out for days, not just hours. It’s a good thing hurricanes move slowly because I wouldn’t have been able to get it together otherwise.  

At least I don’t have to go to the supermarket and brawl over that last jug of bottled water/toilet paper/batteries/whatever.   I confess to being a little smug about that. I don’t pity those last-minute foragers:  They had YEARS to set themselves up.  The state government practically tripped over its Homeland Security money trying to get New Jerseyans to prepare, prepare, prepare for (__insert disaster here___).  Billboards, television interviews, TV and radio commercials, a message alert service for people’s cell phones, a preparedness/emergency website, you name it they’ve set it all up. The state has been devoted to emergency preparation/response for at least two years that I’ve noticed.  Our governments definitely knew the Big One was coming, whatever It was.

As usual there’s a weird mixture of giddy excitement and dread surrounding this event.  Humans are really strange sometimes, to look forward to events that can kill.  I suppose it’s like the soldier’s high:  When people are faced with danger they are hyper – alert and feel very . . . well, alive.  That’s really it. They’re in the moment, experiencing life the way they always should be but almost never are, because they generally sleepwalk through life.

As for me, I’m feeling a little grumbly.  What is it, 5.5 million people who will be affected by the hurricane?  Not cool. I don’t think we can get through this storm without some dead people turning up.  That’s nothing to be “excited” about.

This hurricane is also, probably, going to be the force majeure the Powers That Be have been waiting for.   Under a force majeure legal contracts may be voided by any party to those contracts. So what, you ask? It means the government may unilaterally sever any contract it wants.  Imagine the implications.  China, I’m lookin’ at you.

But enough about all that. Fortunately Spooky and I are far enough inland that we probably won’t be evacuated.  We’re all set with supplies.  We’ll probably sleep through the worst of it, so I’m going into the weekend without fear.

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I’ve now seen both the final Harry Potter movie and the new Captain America movie. I’m obviously not the first to notice that in each the antagonist has no nose.

So. Are the bad guys evil because they are noseless, or are they noseless because they are evil? HMMMMM.

(Spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you plan to see either movie!)

I pondered this most-important subject this morning because I was lying in agony with another goddamn bladder infection and had little else to do.  Both movies are allegories for the eternal/infernal war between the Crown and the Krauts, and as you know I’m really into watching it, trying my best to remain in observer mode.  It’s so confusing sometimes I can barely determine who’s a Crown and who’s a Kraut. You’d think it would be bloody obvious, but it’s not. 

It’s not ethnicity or citizenship that sets these two factions apart; it’s their approach to herd management.   I hope that makes sense, because otherwise the war would appear no more than petty bickering over two different approaches to socialism (reformist vs revolutionary).  Actually the difference between the two factions is almost metaphysical. It’s a very very big deal and an awful lot is at stake.

In both movies the Crown faction wins, and at the end we are relieved to discover each protagonist is not really dead despite the fact that he probably should be.  Let that be a lesson to the Krauts, I suppose. Then again the Crown financed both movies, so there is likely more than a little bias to them. These two movies could mark the survival of, and triumph over, an epic assault on British-American social values and means of exchange,  but as the Cherman faction says,  ‘Fur uns ist der Krieg niemals vorbei.’  This war will never be over. 

There is no question (in my mind at least) that the British Fabian Society had a hand in the development of the Harry Potter series. However, ownership of Captain America appears to have changed idealogical hands in 2009 from the globalist “New World Order” faction to more patriotic interests in the United States. Marvel Entertainment, which owns the Captain America franchise, used to belong to New World Pictures, which morphed into New World Entertainment, which later became New World Communications. There were related companies/subsidiaries – New World Television, New World Video, New World Family Filmworks and New World International.  Marvel became a division of New World Animation in 1993.

ZOMG it’s NIBIRU Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hahhaha

Uh . . . Sensing an attachment to this brave “New World?”  Uhm, yeah.

Anyway, Captain America was assassinated by this “New World” order in 2007 (vol. 5, #25).  However, the New World media companies are defunct today.   Rupert Murdoch put most of what was left of “new world media” under its Fox umbrella, and in 2009 Walt Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion(!). Interestingly, Walt Disney was a founding member of the anti-communist Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals

Kinda looks like Hogwarts, doesn’t it?

Shortly after purchase by this most American company, Captain America was “reborn,” or, to be specific, found to not really be dead after all, just stuck in Time.  The story of Captain America’s return to service is an obvious (to me) allegory to world events, such that I’m tempted to become a comic book geek.

Anyway, back to the noseless thing.  What does it mean? I can’ only venture a guess. Remember this guy?  It’s the modern Peter Pan, the magical boy who didn’t want to grow up. Fearing the aging process is arguably a proxy for fearing death, and that’s the small thread I’m grabbing to drag him into my essay. Jackson used his talents to achieve his idea of “perfection” but the more he tried the worse things got.  Inwardly focused, Jackson slid down a spiral of self-loathing as he forced one transformation upon himself after  another after another,  not knowing when to quit. He ended up with no nose: He had to have it reconstructed. He turned to drugs and predictably self-destructed. And now he’s dead.

Voldemort and Schmidt/RedSkull (Cherman, ja, sicher) share similar fatal flaws, all stemming, ultimately, from their nihilism and fear of death.  Both antagonists are drawn to the dark side of occultism and they abuse whatever power they can steal.  Cut off from any sense of the Divine,* wanting to play God or even wanting to BE God, they repeatedly force physical and metaphysical transformations upon themselves, not knowing when to quit. Neither Voldemort nor Schmidt has the character or moral strength necessary to manage their transformations, and somehow both of them lose their noses along the way.  Perhaps their skull like appearances reinforce the “death cult” image.

Meanwhile Voldemort and Schmidt attempt to mold the world into their personal utopias, societies of greatness where they would live as gods walking on earth. Not surprisingly, with the exception of their homogeneous minions, the world is repelled and fights back.   Consequently Voldemort’s and Schmidt’s resentments, stemming from their hatred of the difference between the way they thought the world ought to be and the way the world really is,  degenerate into murderous rage.  Each embarks upon a deadly rampage against the very people they tried to lead to paradise.

The anarchist, the aesthete, the mystic, the socialist revolutionary, even if they do not despair of the future, have in common with the pessimist a single sentiment of hatred and disgust for the existing order, a single craving to destroy or to escape from reality. Collective melancholy would not have penetrated consciousness so far, if it had not undergone a morbid development. 

– Durkheim


The movies’ antagonists are not inwardly focused like Michael Jackson, because that would have made for two really boring movies. Instead, Voldemort and Schmidt are outwardly focused: They project their rage at anyone or anything that irks them, including their own soldiers, and set out to destroy worlds that do not bend to their demands. They want to watch the world burn – hell, they want to set it on fire – so they may rebuild new worlds in their own images.  In that sense both Voldemort and Schmidt resemble Marxist idealogues.  Marxist revolutionaries don’t want to “change” society; they want to destroy the old order to create a utopia.  

Something to read later:  From Darkness to Light: Class, Consciousness and Salvation in Revolutionary Russia by Igal Halfin

Something else to read later: The Magic of Marxism, by Michael Polanyi

Oh and here’s another good one: Leo Strauss on German Nihilism (1941)

For the first time in my life – really – I wish I had the academic chops to expound upon the whole American-Brit-inspired Bad Guys = Nazis/Marxist/Nihilists meme in popular culture.  Unfortunately I do not know enough about National Socialism, Marxism, Nihilism, or even philosophy to continue down that path.  I find philosophical ponderings extremely self indulgent anyway, a sign of having way too much time on one’s hands.  Consequently, all you’re going to get from me are myopic generalities and personal observations. I’d wager volumes have already been written about the Brit-Celt /Teutonic-Slavic philosophical divide(s), and today I wish I could get my mitts on a few of them.  

I will, however, go out on an opinionated limb  (this being my self-indulgent blog) and suggest that both the Harry Potter and Captain America movies are Crown Faction social commentaries against the Kraut Faction.  They present British-American social values as being superior to those of their more collectivist-revolutionary-authoritarian European neighbors. From watching the fray I know the Krauts almost nailed them this round, but somehow the Crown prevailed, this time by initially playing possum.  Then they put their feet down hard at the 11th hour.

“There’s a reason you never win . . . it’s ’cause I never let you!”

It wasn’t just the U.S. military, represented by the oh-so-American Steve Rogers (Captain America), or the white-hatted British secret societies represented by Hogwarts,* that won the day for the Crown.  In American-Brit belief systems Providence favors the righteous and the good, and there is a Divine Force to whom all are accountable, including their royals and elites. To the revolutionary-marxist-nihilists, however, God is Dead.  There is no karma, no higher meaning, no morality nothing but the raw use of power to force an (ironically) moral stance from a top-down central authority. It’s their fatal flaw, the one that consigns them to loser status time and time again. Since they reject the Prime Super-Soldier it should surprise no one that “God is on our side” takes on literal meaning.

So, how are the Krauts reacting to their defeat?

Huh? Defeat? What defeat? ‘Fur uns ist der Krieg niemals vorbei.’

You see, that’s the nature of the beast:  The collectivist-authoritarians can’t help themselves, and they don’t know when to quit. Teutonic personalities in particular don’t know when to quit. The most you’ll get from the Kraut Faction is the occasional Rumplestiltzkin-like temper tantrum, a nihilistic implosion, and unfortunately those tend to be destructive and deadly. Will they end up without noses?  Maybe they’ll just cut-em off and say “So THERE!”   We can only watch and wait.

*It’s not a question of “believing in God” or not believing, because plenty who say they believe in God are similarly disconnected from Divine Source, Descarte’s “Seat of the Soul.”  The disconnect could be the result of a nonfunctioning pineal gland.

** There is an American Hogwarts. Really!

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Just when I’d stopped opening doors,
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours,
Making my entrance again with my usual flair,
Sure of my lines,
No one is there.

Don’t you love farce?
My fault I fear.
I thought that you’d want what I want.
Sorry, my dear.

– “Send in the Clowns”

I can’t bear to watch or listen to the drama over the debt ceiling, any more than I can bear to watch the end of the movie “Dances With Wolves,” especially the part where they kill Two Socks the pet wolf. 

I also think it’s cruel to lie to the American people what’s really happening:

“People keep looking for off-ramps. They don’t exist,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters, saying the government would be “running on fumes” after the deadline unless the limit was raised.

What Mr. Carney fails to communicate is that even if we do raise the debt ceiling, or even eliminate it entirely, Washington D.C. is still doomed and we will still suffer for it.

My heart breaks a little for all those freshmen congresscritters, new to the Floor, all fired up and ready to knock heads, only to discover they were too late. I also feel grief, believe it or not, for the old timers who feel like they fought the good fight, including those who still insist on fighting to the bitter end (Boehner, I’m looking at you).  Those are the ones, I suspect, who don’t believe in an afterlife for this country.

“The U.S. is dead. Long live America!”

I hope people come to understand that it doesn’t matter if the United States goes under.  The United States is a corporate entity, whose statutes overlay the Constitution, the Law of the Land.  Underneath the U.S. corporation of D.C. lies America the Republic, who will never die, just as underneath the rubble of the Soviet Union lay Russia, who was there throughout.  Russians called themselves Russian throughout the communist experiment, and Americans will still call themselves Americans when this corporate experiment is transformed. You can kill a regime, but you can’t kill an idea.  Those who think otherwise are outnumbered.

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